Kaypri Actswrite

The only child of old parents Kaypri was born and raised in the suburbs of New York City (New Jersey) with an active imagination from day one, that often got her in trouble, but thankfully not arrested. When her mother realized this wasn’t a phase, she decided to support her daughter’s dreams. As a result, she started taking acting and playwriting classes in middle school and never stopped. She did school plays and delved into creative writing classes discovering love for poetry. Her high school poems were the foundation for what has since become Babygirl which she decided she would eventually develop into a solo work right before she graduated from Howard University with a BFA in Drama. After graduation, she worked behind the scenes in Hollywood for several years but after getting burnt out, moved back to the east coast and fell in love with being a substitute teacher and arts-educator with pre-teens and adolescents in New Jersey and Brooklyn. In the midst of these teaching adventures, she developed her autobiographical solo play, Babygirl the coming of age sitcom/drama of a media-codependa-lova-holic. It was during this time that she “accidentally” discovered HER story resonated with youth. It has been her passion to share her story with them ever since.

This story is not just about her being bi-racial, it is a universal story about a young person coming into their own who is overly attached to tuning out the painful things in life and eventually learns how to face reality and find herself. Young people today are media-holics and don’t even know it. The media has changed: There are more tv channels then ever, and texting seems to have replaced actual conversations, so this story is more timely then ever. DON’T TUNE IN TOO LATE!

In 2014, she finished her octogenarian mother’s Autobiography I DIDN’T KNOW WHAT I DIDN’T KNOW: A SOUTHERN WHITE WOMAN’S STORY ABOUT RACE. Dorothy is an unknown Civil Rights Sheroe with an incredible and inspiring story! Copies can be purchased at www.dorothystory.com and are sold in the lobby post-show.

Kaypri has been featured in The Wall St Journal and won an AARP filmmaking award for The Baton a film short about her caregiving experience.

Babygirl’s sequel, THE GOOD DAUGHTER & The Do Gooder premiered in 2017 and just finished a Mother’s Day Weekend run in 2018. www.gooddaughter.net

In addition to her autobiographies Babygirl Uncensored, and The Good Daughter, she is writing IT AIN’T NO JOKE a book on caregiving for the hip hop generation and beyond.

Kaypri also works as a literary editor and ghostwriter doctoring stories in all genres, with a focus on life stories.

For further info on Kaypri and her creative adventures go to www.kaypri.com or email her directly at [email protected].