Goreti da Silva

Actress/Educator from Canada who always thought I was white until I moved to the USA and was told that I wasn’t. It took me several years to figure out that in Hollywood I am ethnically ambiguous. Born to Portuguese parents, in an officially bilingual country (French/English), and raised in Little Italy in Toronto, I consider myself (drum roll, please) … a human being. Aren’t we all?

Catch me on TV tonight, May 23, 2011 on ABC Family at 9PM in Make It Or Break It.


Catch me live in The Peoplehood’s REAL TIME at Hollywood Fringe Festival:

- 6/12 at 7pm Open Fist
- 6/18 at 12pm Open Fist
- 6/19 at 5:30pm ArtWorks Mainstage
- 6/25 at 5:30pm Open Fist