Lisa Summerscales

Lisa Marie Summerscales
Is thrilled to be back on the LA stage working with Jeff Gould on
his new original play, “Is There Sex After Marriage?”.
Lisa is a student at the Groundlings School of Comedy and just passed writing lab a couple months ago!
Lisa is known for her work with Sketch Comedy Group, Dirty Cues Productions,especially or the viral video “Angela Vs.Bath & Body Works”

Lisa graduated with her BFA in Theater Performance from
Ohio University and moved out to LA two days after.
She is proud to announce her latest film RITUAL, directed by Mickey Keating, was recently distributed by Lionsgate and is kickin ass!

Beliebe it or not, along side her love for Indie film Lisa happens to be hilarious. She has excelled at The Groundlings School of Comedy securing her spot on the writing lab wait list.
Lisa is a founding member of the hit Improv team
“No You Don’t, Oprah!”.
NYDO performs regularly on stages all around Los Angeles including, Groundlings G3, iO, Neon Venus and every 1st and 3rd Wednesday at Cupcake Theater.
One of Lisa’s favorite roles was playing the 90s grunge drummer Murphy in the award winning production of “Girl Band in Then Men’s Room” at The Hollywood Fringe Festival.
In addition to these projects, some of her favorite credits include; Carlstown, by Kieran Valla, Quitters by Daniel Sawka.

Lisa would like to thank everyone for their support, especially Justin Bieber for helping her to remember, anyone can make it.