Peppur Chambers

Peppur Chambers (writer/actor/director) wrote her first play at age 12 after a visit to a local Renaissance Faire in Wisconsin. Inspired by a crown of flowers for her and wooden swords for her two brothers purchased at the Faire, she penned a play about a damsel who needed to be rescued. The production debuted in the family backyard under an apple tree at twilight to an audience of two (her parents) and starred the three Chambers children. This beginning proved to be groundwork for what is now Three Peas Productions, LLC which is a production company founded by the Chambers children and supports their three areas of interest: music, film and theater. They have produced “Lights. Camera. Action” an artist showcase series; “Reparations”, a short film written by Peppur and currently, “The Build UP” a site-specific play which takes place in a mansion and is written/directed by Peppur, and conceived by her brother Shakir with development assistance from brother, Darnell. She is thrilled to have her new play, Dick & Jayne Get A Life world premiere at the 2013 Hollywood Fringe Festival!

She is published in “Split: Stories From A Generation Raised on Divorce” edited by Ava Chin, and is available on She has written: “15 Monologues to SLAM!”, “Making Lemonade: Bittersweet Tales From An Actress Being squeezed In LA” (which is her candid memoir and is currently under rewrite after receiving helpful coverage from agents at William Morris); and she is especially proud of “House Rules” which is her first full-length play which was produced in October 2009 by The S&P Experience.

Through her company Brown Betties Enterprises, Peppur has created a bevy of entertaining and empowering products for women in her efforts to create a multi-platform branded business. Brown Betties Enterprises launched in 2005 when Peppur created the sultry, sassy, sophisticated “Harlem’s Night: A Cabaret Story” which is a cabaret/dinner theater experience that includes singing, dancing and acting. Harlem’s Night tells the tale of a lonely woman looking for love in all the wrong places. Harlem’s Night also includes original songs penned by Peppur. As a spin-off of the cabaret, she created and is editor of “The Brown Betties Gazette”, an online magazine; and she’s working on the novella “Harlem’s Awakening” and feature film based on the main character “Harlem” and the Brown Betties. She has also penned the book, “The Brown Betties Guide: How To Look for Love In All The Wrong Places” ( which has been developed into an award-winning webseries about relationships directed by Morenike Evans. She has also created the “Be Your Own Brown Bettie” Burlesque and empowerment workshops.

Additionally, Peppur has contributed to Humor Mill Magazine, LA Beat, and The Firm FM radio show where she does a weekly, relationship-advice segment, “Keep It Spicy”

She is a graduate of Marquette University with a BA in Advertising and Marketing; she has a professional background in mutual fund marketing and entertainment business management.

Peppur Chambers
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