Darbianna Dinsmore

Darbianna Dinsmore is a Los Angeles based theatre & film actress and model. It was at the age of eight that Darbianna starred in her first role, Second Little Pig in The Three Little Pigs. She knew immediately – this was her passion (Acting…not having her house blown down by a wolf). Since then she has received a BFA in Acting from the University of Mississippi, and starred in many stage roles, including Blithe Spirit and The Tooth Puller. While Studying at Ole Miss she was given the opportunity to study and perform Commedia dell’arte in the US and in Italy at Le Picollo Theatre di Sienna. While in LA she has starred in many of Pint’s & Player’s productions including playing Juliet in Romeo and Juliet. In 2021, Darbianna was selected for Pick of The Fringe for her performance in She Stoops to Scandal (Directed by Megan Ford-Miller, and written by Chambers Stephens). Her other passions include voice acting, puppetry, and keeping her 60 plants alive.