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The Lumpy-Cramp, Spirit of the Fringe, Never in the Box Award, is the award that honors the true spirit of the fringe festival. Remembering the fringe forefathers as they performed “on the fringe” that very first year in Edinburgh. The idea that a production was never inside the box to begin with. The idea that a production goes against the establishment and takes the biggest risks, breaking the mold of whatever “theatre” is to create art. Prior winners such as “Beau and Aero” and “hippopatomedia” are true pioneers of that early fringe festival spirit.


To qualify, the production must be an original production never having had a commercial release, i.e. Yale, Broadway, Off-Broadway, etc. First year Hollywood Fringe producers/production companies will have priority, but HFF veterans will be considered.


The production company will make tickets to their show available for the Lumpy-Cramp© Spirit of the Fringe, Never in the Box Award team to attend by using the discount code LUMPY. The team will then come together as a panel and discuss which shows they believed represented the spirit of the fringe, “Never in the box Award.” Ten finalist will be chosen and the winner will be announced at the award ceremony.


The winner will receive their productions name on a plaque, a certificate of appreciation, possibly a prop from the production being produced by BLJ Productions, and assistance for the following years production.

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