Sponsored by Combined ArtForm/Bitter Lemons


This is the award for the best teaser trailer by a Fringe participant. The idea here is the best short cinematic representation of your show’s theatrical experience. We’re not looking for just a recording of the show, but a cinematic promotion of the live experience.


You must be a Fringe participants, you must create a teaser trailer of 90 seconds or less, it must be submitted at the TPA upload on Bitter Lemons here: and it must be submitted by June 11.


We are looking for the best cinematic representation of your live show, the idea is to find the essence of your production and represent it as well as you can in 90 seconds or less. Be creative, be bold.


TPA Award plaque, plus a variety of Trailer Park paraphernalia to include but not limited to, a pack of Marlboros, 40 Ounce can of Schlitz, wife beater T-shirt and a month’s advertising at Bitter Lemons for any upcoming show you may have in the works. And instant infamy as the latest winner of the prestigious Trailer Park Award.

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