Titanical the Musical

Comedy · kids of comedy · Ages 14+ · United States of America

Content Warning Pay What You Can world premiere

Written and directed by Madeleine Lemay, this over the top melodrama opera and ragtime one-act has taken 5 years to finally hit the stage.

It is a unique perspective on that fateful night, April 15th 1912, when the Titanic fell in love with the Iceberg. Performed by 4 incredible fringe newcomers, Kyle Harding (Titanic), Morningstar Dickson (Iceberg), Sarah Thiele (Ireland), and Madeleine Lemay (Continent of Europe). Together they try to piece together the Titanic‘s abrupt departure from Ireland, and the heartache they are all left with postmortem.

Only performing once at 2:30pm in the Actors Company on June 25th (come see us before the Fringe wrap party!) 

So be there or miss the lifeboat and face the icy waters of the Atlantic Ocean!

Production Team

matthew stock *

musician - 1st mate

madeleine lemay *

director - continent of europe

* Fringe Veteran