The Search for Chocolate

Solo Show · pamela brode · Ages 13+ · United States of America

one person show
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April 07, 2024
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What I liked

With a fast sense of humor, Pamela draws you in and takes you on an engaging emotional trip. Her capacity to hold an audience’s attention for more than an hour is truly remarkable. Very humorous.

What I didn't like

Everything went smoothly and had excellent comedic timing slice master. Lastly, giving out chocolate kisses was a “sweet” touch.

My overall impression

“The Candyman” is one of the theme songs she sings, representing her unwavering pursuit of “Mr. Right.” Because of her affiliation with Scientology, Pamela becomes anathema and on the verge of collapse. Additionally, she meets a sad end when she discovers “Christopher,” an appropriately titled savior figure—ironic for a decent Jewish girl. She becomes obsessed with the Kabbalah after her mother convinces her otherwise and eventually saves her from the Scientology cult. And eventually, after a lifetime of dreams dashed and repeatedly endangered by a series of poor choices she made, she visits Israel. I thought the performance of the elderly rabbi giving her wise counsel while stroking his long beard was incredibly funny, poignant, and wonderful.

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