Soirées Fantastique - An Evening of Victorian Enchantment

victorian magic · Ages 13+ · United States of America

family friendly world premiere


Take an enchanted journey, back in time! Victor Ian Élan, the GREATEST 19th Century Conjuror and Clairvoyant ALIVE TODAY, is a Southern California-based performer of magical and psychic entertainment who appears regularly at historical societies, private parties, and charity galas. With Victor performing as magician, mentalist, and mystic, time-traveling spectators observe experiments in 19th-century magic, relive demonstrations in Victorian mind-reading, and witness…

DELIGHTFULLY DIABOLICAL DRAWING-ROOM DECEPTIONS!!  With an intimate audience limited to just 40-50 individuals, guests will be treated, in an authentic setting to an enchanting evening of exceptional entertainment!

Production Team

cathy kutz *

performance partner, hostess, and assistant

* Fringe Veteran