nv productions · Ages 13+ · United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

Multi-Lingual Performance world premiere


A month in the life of four LA residents. We see only the communal courtyard area of their apartment building, Sunset Plazas, and the community they forge there with each other. Three residents welcome a new British neighbour, Harry, to the building. Sparks fly, relationships blossom, and a little community thrives. But, does fate have other plans for our new group of friends…

The idea for this play was simple. We wanted to challenge ourselves to come together and write a thirty minute show which we could put up in a month, with the goal of then developing it into a full-length play over the course of the next year. A play with warmth and heart, hilarity and sadness, but most of all love! Gone, it seems, are the days of the rip-roaring Rom-Com. If you’ll be so kind as to join us, we’d love to bring them back for you!

The Characters:


A young actress making her way in LA, and a long time resident of Sunset Plazas. She is the glue that holds this group together, constantly trying to aid her friends in their endeavours, counselling them, but most of all being there for each of them. When new neighbour Harry arrives, she must choose if she will let him into her heart, even if it means breaking his heart.


A young British writer, new to LA and Sunset Plazas. He knows writing is his calling, but can’t seem to figure out what to write! Perhaps Evie can introduce him to a life worth writing about, once she decodes all of his British slang anyway!


A Chinese lawyer and resident of Sunset Plazas. She is good friends with Evie, with whom she will talk ad nauseam about their upstairs neighbour, Billy, who “interests” her. The only problem is he’s too timid to ask her out, or if she speaks English, something she refuses to admit unless he makes the first move! She’s a driven person who knows what she wants and doesn’t mince words, always speaking exactly how she feels, regardless of the situation.


The go-to handyman for the building. Billy has lived in Sunset Plazas the longest of all our characters, and gets a nice discount on rent for his “skill” with a screwdriver, and for organising his famed community events, like his Earthquake Safety Meeting. A Faultlessly honest, though timid, socially awkward guy who, despite these hindrances, loves nothing more than bringing his friends together in community. He is desperately in love with YaoYao, but can’t muster up the courage to ask her out, as he is worried she won’t understand a word he says! Long time friends with Evie, who tries her best to urge him to “take the leap!”

Production Team

sean cowhig *

writer, actor

niek versteeg *

producer, writer, actor

nicole versteeg *

writer, actor

xinyao lin *

writer, actor

* Fringe Veteran