Coffee, Tea, and Gin

self-produced · Ages 13+ · United States of America

Content Warning one person show world premiere
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June 22, 2023 certified reviewer

What I liked

Casey Alcoser was, hands down, the highlight. The way he navigated different perspectives on childhood idolization, trans identity, and his own relationship with Lovecraft’s work was captivating. And the show, which easily could have gone the route of a history lesson, ended up finding its heart in themes of coming of age and reconciling one’s morals with a less than savory world. The ending too – seriously freaky! Casey was able to do a lot with limited Fringe resources, and create the sense of fear and insignificance that Lovecraft was all about.

What I didn't like

I thought a line could potentially be drawn between the transphobia discussed around Harry Potter and Lovecraft’s character Nyarlathotep, since they’re essentially a nonbinary being. But all in all, it was a riveting and thought-provoking show!

My overall impression

A seriously powerful piece. Casey Alcoser absolutely crushed it with a performance that was oozing talent and sincerity. Bouncing between personal anecdotes about their own life to scenes performed as Lovecraft himself, none of it ever felt confusing. The show tackles Lovecraft (and Harry Potter) by asking tough questions about how we deal with our idols’ less than savory attitudes. Plus, the whole spooky Lovecraft vibe (especially at the end) really kicked the intensity up a notch! Go see this show, you won’t regret it!

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