The Queen of Bitcoin: The Rise and Fall

margaux avedisian · Ages 18+ · United States of America

one person show world premiere

Don’t worry, you don’t need to know anything about Bitcoin to laugh at Margaux’s hilarious hijinks. She didn’t really know what Bitcoin was when she got her first job in crypto in 2012, but now here she is, The Queen. As a woman in a male-dominated industry, Margaux tells the tale of how she first got into technology via a broken arm and how she started her first company on the way to Burning Man. When she isn’t founding startups, she’s making fun of tech guys. Only one guy has cried, but three have gone to prison. Her journey from humid and humble Florida to the bacchanalian heights of Silicon Valley. Enjoy startup stories filled with absurd celebrity encounters and come to realize most people are crazy and no one knows what they’re doing. Margaux regales us with stories of how she became a Queen while also pissing off a US President while MCing the now infamous FTX conference in the Bahamas. Don’t worry; she won’t try to sell you an NFT.

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