A Shark Ate My Penis: a History of Boys Like Me

soaring solo studios · Ages 12+ · United States of America

Content Warning one person show world premiere
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June 21, 2023 certified reviewer

What I liked

A Shark Ate My Penis – Laser Weber’s show is a deep dive into American trans history with a musical comedy bent. His performance was honest, inventive and comedically sound. I particularly enjoyed his conspicuous use of projections to entertain the audience while advancing the story. I would recommend this show to anyone attending this years fringe festival.

“A Shark Ate My Penis” was hilarious and somewhat educational and well worth my time and attention. I liked the special guest that showed up though out the play. I think you think should watch this play as soon as possible! – Saul

The show “A Shark Ate My 🍆” was a greatly written show and taken well by the audience. While viewing the show the audience would understand the meaning of the song when Lazier Webber was singing. This show really demonstrates that one could learn about trans history in a show while also being entertaining for audience. The quality of the show was very smooth and not rushed which in my opinion would be a must watch show. – Angel

A Shark Ate My Penis by Yasmin
Entertaining and educational, this solo show gives the audience an introduction to trans-history and the ongoing struggles experienced by those who identify as transgender. Using music, comedy and raw emotion to advance the show, the entire experience was fun and eye opening. Especially considering that this show involves an important and relevant topic, this show is a must watch.

A Shark Ate My Penis
After watching “A Shark Ate My Penis” I thought it was a hilarious but also very educational play. I loved how the actor Laser Webber talked about his back story and would also inform us about other people who identified as transgender from the past with a time travel machine which made it more fun. Overall, I believe people should watch this play when they have the time and should !bring friends with them to have a fun time – Luz

A shark ate my penis was an amazing solo show. The reason I liked it was primarily because of Laser Webber’s use of “time travel” to educate others of the problems that people who identify as trans go through. Not only by using time travel was he able to educate others about people who identify as transgender but also using songs that share his story. I highly recommended this show. – dagmar

A shark ate my penis is fascinating! Its a very entertaining and informational solo performance. I enjoyed learning more about the trans experience through the historical contexts that were presented. Laser also provides an insight through his point of view and makes connections through the power of music. This is a must watch! – Hayden

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My overall impression

I took a group of teens to see this show last night, and here are some of their reviews. Thanks to the whole team for a wonderful show and working to accommodate our large group!!

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