Missionary Positions

Solo Show · soaring solo · Ages 16+ · United States of America

one person show
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NICOLE KEATING certified reviewer July 08, 2023
This show is a religious experience in the church of hilarity! Dan is an incredible performer/storyteller so prepare to be transported. But this show does more than entertain -- it changes lives. I felt profoundly moved on a deep level by this performance. Thank you Dan. ... full review
SOO CHYUN certified reviewer June 30, 2023
Jesus' profound declaration that "the truth will set you free" reverberated in my mind throughout the captivating performance. This thought-provoking show poses a poignant question: How many Christians find themselves ensnared within the confines of religious dogma, unable to fully embrace the liberating essence that Jesus so sacrificially embodied? Moreover, it challenges us to acknowledge the scars borne by those coerced into adhering to rigid and uncompromising religious beliefs. As a creator myself, having once crafted a musical centered around the theme that "God does not reside within the walls of a church building; people are the church" As expected, my work was rejected by the church community. Going through that process, I never... full review
HANNA PACHMAN certified reviewer June 26, 2023
tagged as: Must See · Impactful · religion · smart · funny
The best show at the Fringe. This story takes turns you'd never expect. It makes you think deeper about religion, sexuality, and the theme of good versus evil. There are few stories that I think must be heard, but this is one of them. It's important, impactful, and hits you in all of the right places. This show needs to be adapted into a movie and have more runs everywhere!... full review
SUTICHAI SAVATHASUK certified reviewer June 25, 2023
I started this show laughing and came out tearing up. If I was lost before, I sure am found now from watching Dan give a heartfelt performance with humorous storytelling to the authentic vulnerability of the trauma that came from being a missionary to his relationship with religion and God. Dan wasted no second to communicate his journey with the audience and felt very relatable with being lost in this world. This show still makes me watery when I reflect back on the ending. ... full review
MITCHELL FEINSTEIN certified reviewer June 25, 2023
Dan is a talented and gifted performer who gives us standup, impressions, and characters to a well crafted arc that shows us who he was and is now. The story is humorous, touching, and impactful. ... full review
SPENCER WALDNER certified reviewer June 25, 2023
tagged as: high energy · dark-comedy · religious · funny · Comedy
Dan's show gripped me instantly and never let go. Deeply personal and interesting. The runtime flew by as I was engrossed with Dan's effortless and captivating energy. He's a brilliant storyteller.... full review
MAGGIE HOOD certified reviewer June 25, 2023
Dan has found the sweet spot of the inherent comedy woven into the traumatic experience that is being human. I laughed a lot and I cried a lot. Whether you had the same type of upbringing Dan skillfully walks the audience through or not, there’s something for anyone to relate to in a story about getting lost - and who of us if we are honest doesn’t feel lost sometimes? Highly recommend- especially if you happen to be a millennial who grew up in the American church. ... full review
TJ TEEMS certified reviewer June 25, 2023
Incredible show! It was so well-written. I laughed and cried and was so moved. Dan's story and his message are so powerful, timely and meaningful.... full review
ANONYMOUS certified reviewer June 24, 2023
Just an incredibly honest, hilarious, and soul provoking performance by a truly commanding performer. Dan grabs your attention from the first lines he speaks, and holds your heart throughout the many ups & downs of his personal life story that seems to connect with a vastly diverse audience.... full review
LIZA DEALEY-THOMASON certified reviewer June 24, 2023
Overall, this was THE BEST SHOW I have seen at fringe, starring the best male performance I got the privilege of witnessing at fringe. Dan's charisma, vulnerability, and genuine care for humanity and the wellbeing of his audience was evident throughout the entire show; especially at the climactic moment at the end where we collectively yelled the F word; letting go of our personal demons and resistance against religion. No show left me with as many tear stains or reminded me more of the cathartic power of theatre to heal. Missionary Positions was a safe space to questions, to criticize, and to laugh at he absolute absurdity that is the human condition, organized religion, and indeed ourself. I am SO glad I got to experience this show. From s... full review