Missionary Positions

Solo Show · soaring solo · Ages 16+ · United States of America

one person show
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June 25, 2023 certified reviewer

What I liked

The structure (not unlike a sermon) and the self awareness of the entire thing! Also a fan of the accents and topical quips.

What I didn't like

More breathing to sustain all the talking.

My overall impression

Dan has found the sweet spot of the inherent comedy woven into the traumatic experience that is being human. I laughed a lot and I cried a lot.
Whether you had the same type of upbringing Dan skillfully walks the audience through or not, there’s something for anyone to relate to in a story about getting lost – and who of us if we are honest doesn’t feel lost sometimes?
Highly recommend- especially if you happen to be a millennial who grew up in the American church.

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