The Audition Room

Comedy · elouise eftos & the harry morrissey official · Ages 18+ · Australia

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Review by IAN FARLEY

June 25, 2023 certified reviewer
tagged as: auditions · hollywood · Comedy · improv · satire?

What I liked

The Audition Room was the most hilarious time I’ve ever have in a casting office. Harry and Elouise are a great comedic duo who improvise with the audience in a way that makes the show endlessly fun. When the duo riffs on celebrities they’ve made famous, give notes to the actors (live audience members) during their auditions, and give coffee orders to the assistant it’s unique, priceless laughs (because, it’s like so real). I was lucky to see a late night show where one of the actors auditioning was Jesus (an audience member playing Mr. Christ, of course). Seeing everyone interact and laugh at one another was incredibly fun. The Audition Room really gets this Hollywood business!

What I didn't like

I’ll pass, thanks!

My overall impression

The Audition Room was the perfect show for Hollywood Fringe! If you’ve ever been in an audition, felt the massive awkwardness in the room, but were never able to laugh for fear of losing the role, this show is pure catharsis and hilarity!

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