The Last Dance From A Firebird

Drama · decadence theatre group · Ages 18+ · United States of America

Content Warning includes nudity one person show world premiere

Vaslav Nijinsky is regarded as the best male dancer of the 20th century. Born to two Polish parents in Kiev, Ukraine during the 1890’s. This show goes on a journey through his mind and soul. Separated by three dances. Nijinsky starts in a rehearsal of his prized role Petrushka and travels through his life. Exiled from his homeland during WWI, Nijinsky is thrown into a battle with his sanity. A Celebration of Art and the artist against the backdrop of war, revolution, and a changing social landscape. This piece examines the frail line between madness and genius. When Nijinsky was dismissed from the Ballet Russe, upon the order of Sergei Dhiagalev, His artistic world and mental framework neared a complete collapse. A declaration for human freedoms and dignity.

Production Team

* Fringe Veteran