King Nigel's Nervous Breakdown

Solo Show · muse & ire · Ages 15+ · 64 mins · United States of America

one person show

New York City, 1981: Punk is eclipsed by "Post-Punk” as Bowery musicians experiment with genre fusion and the avant-garde. Reluctantly admitted to a psychiatric hospital after a shocking public meltdown, post-punk singer King Nigel recounts the painful truth of being abandoned by her vagabond parents as a child. Searching for community, she dives into the Bowery music scene where she defiantly remakes herself into a new entity that is more of a tempered suit of armor than an honest reflection of who she is inside. Written and performed by Satu. Directed by Rantz A. Hoseley. A Muse & Ire production.


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  • Sunday, June 9 (2pm) – PREVIEW
  • Saturday, June 15 (7pm) – OPENING NIGHT
  • Wednesday, June 19 (5pm)
  • Saturday, June 22 (3pm)
  • Friday, June 28 (7pm) – CLOSING NIGHT

Art of Acting Studio  Blackbox 
1017 N. Orange Drive, Hollywood, CA 90038

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Production Team

satu runa 

writer, performer, producer

rantz hoseley 

director, producer

* Fringe Veteran