Ric Iverson is Alive and Well and Living in Milpitas

ric iverson · Ages 16+ · United States of America

one person show
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June 19, 2023 certified reviewer

What I liked

Feeling moved and caught up in the magic.

What I didn't like

More people need to have the chance to see this show. It could easily run in a theater anywhere.

My overall impression

Saw Rick Ric Iverson’s one man show tonight in the Hollywood Fringe Festival. This is such and important well written and performed piece of theater.
Vocally he is amazing. His voice cracked for a second and it was in the perfect place giving the moment more impact. The evening was was instumentally and vocally beautiful. The guitar comes in and out like another character in the story. Stunningly nuanced musical interpretation.
Ric was funny , heart breaking, and everything you want an evening of theater to be. He is a master story teller and has a story we don’t get to hear often enough. He hits hard without going anywhere near maudlin. Not a self pitying moment in the evening.
I feel changed by the evening. That is what theater is suppose to do, wake you up and make you want to live more fully. Ric accomplished that for me. Cheers! He wrote the book and music and makes it come to life in an unforgetable way. This story will live in you for a long time. Bravo Ric you rocked Hollywood!

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