Octopus in Its Own Ink/ Pulpo en su Tinta

Drama · tinderbox ensemble · Ages 11+ · United States of America

Content Warning

An expressionist political thriller flavored with magical realism, Octopus in Its Own Ink is the tale of struggle under the oppressive thumb of dictatorship in Latin America. As hundreds are ‘disappeared’ by the secret police , Don Mario, a diplomat fallen from favor, schemes to get his family out of the country. Meanwhile, his sons face torture and death while plotting against the narcissistic ruler that is coming to dinner the very next night. Caught at the frenzy is the Marxist resistance leader simultaneously fighting sexism, the housekeeper whose love binds them together, the young boy whose nightmares tell him more than anyone else. A work for contemporary theater, Octopus In Its Ink/Pulpo en su Tinta is simultaneously a fast-moving drama, and a tragedy classical in scope. Hispanic/Latine culture center the play including the role of food and family comes to the fore when the ‘Octopus’ is served at the fateful dinner and action reaches its climax. Derived from stories personally recounted to the author, and extensive historical research, “Octopus” is a gripping portrayal of a society in crisis, where family, power, and duty are caught in a political pressure-cooker that must explode. The historical setting is the Dominican Republic in 1960: but Octopus/Pulpo speaks to the experience of millions who have lived under brutal tyranny– and to any who have been caught between the values they must fight for, and the people that they love. This work is staged in English with Spanish language flavoring. Knowledge of Spanish is not expected.

Content Advisory: themes of murder, torture, racism, and sexual assault. Strong language. Gunshots. Loud noises. This show is not appropriate for young children.

Production Team

doriana schoner *

asm/fight captain/julia (understudy)

sebastian senatore *

guard . soldado 2

eduardo vega *


seraluna sanchez *


camila rozo *

assistant director/character coach

marcello padilla *

bataille / padre leon

gus klein *

don mario

* Fringe Veteran