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Written by Conan Doyle expert David Stuart Davies, directed by award-winning Gareth Armstrong, and starring English actor Nigel Miles-Thomas, “Sherlock Holmes: The Last Act” shows the man behind the myth, exposing the great detective’s fears and weaknesses, the devastating consequences of the dramas of his formative years, and, unexpectedly, his cutting sense of humor.

The year is 1916. Drawn from two years Sussex retirement for the funeral of his friend, Dr Watson, Holmes returns to Baker Street to resolve “the last act” of his epic career. A theatrical evening then unfolds, with fourteen characters, all played by Miles-Thomas in a tour de force performance.

Cross-examinations, heated arguments between Holmes and Watson, and all manner of comic and serious interactions, between many famous Conan Doyle characters, develop the evening’s drama.

Actor Nigel Miles-Thomas is a renowned Holmes interpreter (★★★★★ “Nigel Miles-Thomas is an impeccable Holmes”; ★★★★ “A towering Holmes” – who has had an extensive career spanning five decades. He has worked with Steven Berkoff, and has performed a leading role in London’s West End as well as many of the regional theatres in the UK. Internationally Nigel has performed in the USA and all over Europe and Asia. He is well known for his appearance in “Dr Who” as well as many of the UK’s most popular television shows.

Nigel says: “A warning: anyone expecting a dry, historical treatise will be disappointed – it is certainly well-researched, but it is also a very human piece of work and highly entertaining”.

Playwright David Stuart Davies has studied Conan Doyle’s writing since his university thesis on Sherlock Holmes in 1977. He has written several Sherlock Holmes novels and plays and is respected as an international authority on the subject. He is editor of The Sherlock Holmes Gazette.

David has spent decades sifting through Conan Doyle’s work, piecing together clues about the private persona of Sherlock Holmes. He has built up a detailed and intimate knowledge of the man behind the myth, notably revealing his acerbic sense of humor.

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