Valley Of Light

Musicals & Operas · fables and rumors · Ages 12+ · United States of America

family friendly world premiere
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June 18, 2023 certified reviewer

What I liked

This music is transcendent. Absolutely extraordinary, gorgeous. Motifs and lyricism that delights, warms your heart, and occasionally shatters it The world is clearly very densely layered and plenty of work has been done to establish the universe of the show. It feels as though there are thousands of more stories worth telling in this world, without the impression we’re missing any relevant information.

What I didn't like

The sound effects (few and far between) could come in a little hot sometimes— that admittedly may have something to do with my placement in the house. There may be times where musicians/sound overpower the audio of the un-mic’d actors singing lower notes; this sometimes prevents us from hearing the gorgeous harmonies and vocal score as intended.

My overall impression

This is the quintessential show for fringe fest; the music is a clear highlight as one of, if not the best new musical score at Hollywood Fringe. The world built is unique, inviting, curiosity-inducing without confusion. Heightened text and lyricism which balances catchy, body-swaying rhymes and melodies with the occasional deeply profound line or couplet. An absolutely inspiring debut, leaving us curious as to where these extraordinary artists, in each avenue, will be going from here— and hopefully somewhere with this story/piece.

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