Valley Of Light

Musicals & Operas · fables and rumors · Ages 12+ · United States of America

family friendly world premiere
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Review by EMMA KOBIN

June 09, 2023 certified reviewer

What I liked

I loved the music- the melodies and harmonies were very catchy and emphasized the tone of each piece. The pianist and drummer were also very talented and made the experience feel so full. I found the sound design to also add the experience and make everything feel more real and immediate! I could feel everyone’s talents being displayed and coming together to create something very beautiful. The writing of this play demonstrates a lot of promising talent and inventiveness from Naomi!

What I didn't like

SPOILER I believe that the scene wherein the beast is killed could involve a smoother execution, wherein the beast completely disappears without being seen.

My overall impression

This show was a pleasure to see- it deals with themes which feel raw and relatable in a way that is fresh. It confidently marries multiple plot lines, drawing connections between the characters that may be otherwise overlooked by the audience and making the audience members find those characteristics within themselves. I appreciated the humorous and romantic aspects of the musical, and thought that the performers all brought passion into the story. I loved the sound design and music as well- it felt very immersive and engaging! I loved Willow’s character and found Michaela to be a very talented and emotionally emphatic singer, and thought that the storyline between Willow and Amber was one of the most engaging. “You’re the loveliest thing I’ve seen all day” was stuck in my head for a while after watching the show!

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