Solo Show · chance lang · Ages 18+ · 45 mins · United States of America

Content Warning one person show world premiere
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June 08, 2023 certified reviewer

What I liked

Wow I LOVED that set, it really made the story come to life. I really loved his movements but most of all, I really loved the way music was incorporated. Chance has a phenomenal singing voice, and it really brought so much to the story.

What I didn't like

I feel like this show has so much potential story wise, which is a good thing! It definitely left me wanting more. This show seems like it could be the inciting incident or an act one for a longer show, with more characters and explanation. Oops this is a good thing :)

My overall impression

Chance is an incredible movement actor. Every movement he made felt strategic and it made the space feel so alive. He had such powerful energy on the stage, making the apartment seem even more small and dreary, like it couldn’t hold in such a big force. If you’re looking to watch an actor seriously command the stage, this is the show for you!!

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