The Year That Carrie Fisher Died

Two Person Show · mb stage productions · Ages 18+ · 1hr · United States of America

Content Warning world premiere
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September 13, 2023
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What I liked

Friv5Online: The Ultimate Dentist’s Office Distraction

What I didn't like

I’m trapped in the dentist’s waiting room. The TV’s blaring some outdated soap opera, and I’m flipping through ancient magazines about gardening tips. Boredom’s about to turn me into a human sloth when, out of nowhere, a kid in the corner starts playing Friv5online’s shooting games at on his tablet. I’m thinking, “Hmm, I could use a digital distraction right about now,” and I sidle over, pretending to be interested in a potted plant. This game was like a hidden gem in the middle of that sterile, dental wasteland. I started playing, and guess what? The kid leans over and says, “Nice shot, mister!” Turns out, he’s a mini-gamer prodigy. We ended up competing for the high score, and by the time the dentist called me in, I was the reigning champ. Friv5online, the ultimate dentist’s office savior!

My overall impression

Friv5Online: The Ultimate Dentist’s Office Distraction

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