Two Person Show · ebony rattle and joseph robinson · Ages 15+ · Australia

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Review by IAN FARLEY

June 23, 2023 certified reviewer
tagged as: bittersweet · heartfelt · Lyrical · poetic · personal · surreal

What I liked

Winona deals with personal and painful experiences through a beautiful surreal visual poem full of metaphoric visuals and lyrical set design: inverted roses as wall displays, the lone bench center stage, and shimmery fabrics the characters use to make physical contact. And while this world is stark and surreal, Ebony and Joseph work together well in a heartfelt and playful way not forgetting to give their humanity to the audience. Ebony and Joseph earnestly portray characters figuring out an undefined, doomed relationship. This made me care for them and hopeful they would find some closure.
The revelation of that connects Ebony to the title is profound and brought to light of the overarching troubles prescription medicine has had on our current society. I don’t want to spoil this connection. Please go see Winona!

What I didn't like

Congratulations on your first international show! Do more… is my suggestion. :•)

My overall impression

Winona is a dreamlike experience full of deep honesty, personal secrets, and playful moments between the two leads. Ebony and Joseph gently guide the audience through a surreal world with sincerity , humor, and memorable visuals.

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