We Are Nothing Without Hantu-Hantu

Solo Show · suzana selamat and giovanni ortega · Ages 14+ · Singapore

one person show world premiere
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June 18, 2023 hollywood gothique original article
tagged as: Malaysia · Suzana Selamat · pontianak · hantu · Horror · vampire

What I liked

1. The moving performance of the the star. 2. Recontextualizing the myth of the Pontianak (a vengeful female ghost) in terms of the more realistic horror of women brutalized by men.

What I didn't like

Transitions between characters were sometimes mildly confusing in this one-woman show. It was always clear when the star was shifting from the main character to someone else, but the supporting characters were hard to keep track of.

My overall impression

A poignant exploration of the tragic reality underlying a terrifying myth.

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