We Are Nothing Without Hantu-Hantu

Solo Show · suzana selamat and giovanni ortega · Ages 14+ · Singapore

one person show world premiere
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Review by MELODY TAY

June 12, 2023 certified reviewer
tagged as: identity · ghost · Horror · women · family · AAPI · bipoc · culture

What I liked

I loved the characters of nenek and Mom the most! They were very clear and had their own voices and character. I also loved how familiar it felt as a fellow Singaporean. I also really liked the imaginative storytelling, using hantu-hantu to tell the difficulties and problems that these women faced.

What I didn't like

I think the transitions between characters can be smoother. Perhaps the hantu-hantu doesn’t need to wear a full baju kurung!

I also think some characters and storylines can be clarified. Sometimes I got lost trying to figure out which character was which and couldn’t follow some storylines.

Also, I think the 4 different storylines of nenek, mom, the main character and the hantu-hantu can be better intertwined and tied together!

My overall impression

A wonderful homage to Singaporean-Malay women and their stories through the use of horror and humour.

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