We Are Nothing Without Hantu-Hantu

Solo Show · suzana selamat and giovanni ortega · Ages 14+ · Singapore

one person show world premiere
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Review by anonymous

June 05, 2023 certified reviewer
tagged as: ghost · solo performance · cultural · Feminist

What I liked

I really enjoyed the characters! The grandma is hilarious. You get a good sense of this powerful, quirky old woman reflecting on her past, still hooked on horror. And the mother’s attitude is dope!

What I didn't like

I’d like to see even more of the grandma and mother.

My overall impression

Emotions were powerful throughout Suzana’s performance and she included really fun moments of humor to break the intensity. I love how different characters in this family sort of metamorphize in and out of the ghost to quite viscerally express the underlying burden these women pay. Their stories are given voice through the plight of the ghost, who is seen for her pain, hopes, and affections while trying to survive rather than as a one dimensional figure that haunts men. The “scary,” haunting element is more painful than terrifying. Suzana’s awesome acting along with the simple sensuality of the setting sometimes set in the jungle and lit with lanterns kept me present each moment from beginning to end. I enjoyed every second of it.

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