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Review by SOO CHYUN

June 25, 2023 certified reviewer

What I liked

The use of mannequins and the wardrobe set on the stage was a brilliant choice that effectively emphasized the subject matter of the show.

What I didn't like

The theater was freezing! They seriously need to lower the air conditioning.

My overall impression

Writing this review was a bit challenging for me because I don’t typically enjoy biographical fiction. After almost feeling nauseous while watching Netflix’s “Blonde,” I was hesitant to see Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis wearing Marilyn Monroe’s wig and recreating “Happy birthday, Mr. President.” However, I acknowledge that this issue stems from my personal preferences rather than problems with the production itself. The show is well-crafted.

How do people perceive the U.S. first lady? Instead of focusing on their inner political selves, intellect, empathy, relationships, and personal lives, we tend to emphasize what they wear and how beautiful they look. This production disrupts that tendency. Everleigh Brenner fearlessly changes costumes, wigs, and channels the mannerisms of multiple characters, challenging the notion of Jackie. She becomes a symbol of resistance against a society that objectifies women, viewing them as mere dolls. This show struck a chord with me in a peculiar way, and that’s why it holds value.

There are shows that leave us feeling nothing when we watch them, and there are shows that evoke discomfort yet make us feel the message shake our minds, prompting us to applaud. The final performance is at noon today. If you missed it, I strongly recommend seeing it.

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