Live Theatre Blog: Milk From Stone

theatre · coeurage theatre company · Ages 16+ · world premiere · one person show · United States

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Coeurage Theatre Company Resident Playwright Eric Czuleger is a Peace Corp Volunteer in Albania.

Live Theatre Blog is a new media theatre project that aims to connect international audiences through storytelling.

Performed by Deven Simonson
Directed by Sara Perry.
Live streamed around the world.

It’s a microphone, an actor, and an audience.
A couple cameras, and the internet.
Real stories happening now,
Experienced live onstage and online.

Special Fringe Event-
Live Theatre Blog: Milk From Stone.

There is a castle that overlooks a lake in Albania.
Three brothers wanted to make the walls stand.
A sacrifice was necessary as is always the case in ancient stories.
A sacrifice was necessary as is always the case in something that lasts.
The wife of the youngest agreed to be built-
Stone by stone,
Into the walls of the castle.
Half in. Half out.
One leg would still feel the grass of her land.
One eye would still see her country.
And one breast would still nurse her son.
The castle stood.
The walls were strong.

production team

sara perry *

producing director

gedaly guberek *

marketing dude

jeremy lelliott *

artistic director

nicole monet *

general manager

tj marchbank *

film & editing

michelle stann *

production manager

* Fringe Veteran