Edgar Allan Poe Must Die! A Writer's Journey

comedy · foxy saboo · Ages 17+ · United States

Seduced by the dark side of writing, Edgar Allan Poe is still alive and thrived all these years by sucking the souls out of young unsuspecting writers. By he isn’t stopping there, Poe seduces and conquers modern day “Goth” chicks while looking for the next writer “victim.” He also has a side hobby which is gaining control over the entire media empire of Hollywood, including talent agencies and the major verticals (Disney, Warner, etc.)
Poe’s nemesis is “The Raven” and the “the” is part of his name. The Raven is forced to pimp for Poe and successfully finds the next writer, but realizes this writer has special abilities.
The next writer and our hero, Seven, eventually succumbs to his failures trying to break into the industry and goes to work for Poe at his bookstore.

Production Team

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