Jennifer Aniston Stole My Life

theatre · purple turtle productions · Ages 12+ · United States

world premiere
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June 25, 2012 certified reviewer

My overall impression

This play is one of the funniest at the Frindge Festival this year. “Jennifer Aniston Stole My Life” is an examination of fanatic celebrity culture, through the eyes of Rue Murphy and her Daughter, a once-upon-a-time child star. Rue is desperately trying to make it in the “Bizz” but can barely pay her rent. Her daughter has a mental disability of sorts and spends most of her time on stage creating celebrity collages. But their luck seems to take a turn for the better when a positively blond Hollywood hopeful moves into their spare bedroom. Aligned with her true self and a smile to match she teaches Rue that she must let go of her past in order to embrace her present in all its glory. She takes classes at what can only be described as an allegory for the “Scientology” crew. What she lacks in talent she makes up for with drive and charisma! These classes help her meet her full potential as a human being. This play is full of the likely characters you meet in the streets of LA. Everyone is trying to make it but the ones that can move forward are not concerned with the opinions of others. They are happy with themselves. In the end of this well played comedic tragedy Rue finally embraces her present by admitting that she has a mentally ill daughter. And that her best and biggest break is getting the opportunity to be her mother. The devil is in the details of life and even in such a place as Hollywood. We must embrace the truth of what it means to be ourselves and the reality our very specific path. This is the only way we can move forward and face the real world. All actors do an amazing job in this piece, a must see this year!

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