Snow White and Cinderella F*cking Rage · Ages 16+ · United States

The REAL Snow White and Cinderella are fed up with Hollywood dictating how their stories should end; when they finally meet their (disappointing) princes, they decide that an epic adventure through the Forbidden Forest (courtesy of Fairy Godmother) would be much more fun than marriage. Join them as they triumphantly conquer fat Rapunzel, gnomes, and involuntary manslaughter on their quest to answer the age old question: can you give yourself a happy ending? (Run time 35 min)

Please note that the videos we’ve included are from our web series—not from the show! The show expands on/ plays with themes touched upon in the web series, but it’s a totally different thing!

production team

christina jeffs *

writer/ actress/ producer

risa sarachan *

writer/ actress/ producer

* Fringe Veteran