Best Wife Ever

Comedy · cat alvarado · Ages 13+ · United States of America

one person show
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June 23, 2022 certified reviewer
tagged as: incredible

What I liked

I enjoyed Cat’s ability to walk us through each important step in her journey to become the remarkable woman she is today. You felt her vulnerabilities through her childhood, and could truly see her desire to find happiness in each phase of her life. Cat is a great writer with great original stories and I can’t wait to see what she has planned next.

What I didn't like

Microphone had some issues, did not hurt Cat’s performance

My overall impression

Cat Alvarado is a star on the rise, and “Best Wife Ever” is a hilarious and exciting journey that I’ll always remember. Cat kept us laughing from start to finish with a steady stream of hilarious original stories. Cat’s immeasurable likability and positive energy had the audience locked in for the entire ride.

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