From Here to Maturity

Comedy · sunny disposition productions · Ages 12+ · United States of America

world premiere
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June 13, 2022 certified reviewer
tagged as: Comedy · mystery · physical · young adult · cinephile · 80s

What I liked

A sweet, funny, and heartwarming story about life, family, and second chances – like a John Hughes meets CHINATOWN movie. The films 80s era feel, and references kept nostalgic waves overcoming me from the precurtain music selection. The show provided me motivation to rewatch a few film classics like Chinatown, with more of an appreciation for a storyline that holds up well. Lucas Sheppe brings each of the many one-person-show characters to life and gives each of their personalities real depth through his contorted postures and facial expressions.

What I didn't like

I am not the best at reading between the lines, so can always use a few more breadcrumbs dropped when solving a mystery, the first time anyway.

My overall impression

The show “From Here to Maturity” is a terrific comedy-drama about the results of a father being supportive of his son as the young man makes a life decision with long term impacts. This fringe2022 short play get us inside the head of one person’s stay-in-school or dropout-of-school internal struggles. Young Luke (Lucas Sheppe) is feeling frustrated about life and school. But as he searches for why some movies resonate to this day in his dad’s old movies, he discovers what really matters in his own life.
I loved the performance of the actor in this play. The physical storytelling really drew me into the storyline. The storyline was complex and well-choreographed, that and the actor’s performance led me to being a captivated audience member the entire show.
I loved that the studio/stage theater location was nearby Larchmont and the many restaurants to pick from. It was all in all, a great evening out on the town. Great show, great friends, great meal, and a pleasant evening stroll.

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