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Review by anonymous

June 09, 2022
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What I liked

Loved merging of an ancient tale with the music of a true rock legend. The idea of Patti smith scoring Ancient Greece is innovative.
The lead, ThurZday, gives EVERYTHING as Cassandra. I also enjoyed Hannah Howszy as Clytemnestra. The two actress opposite each other made for a titan level climax.

What I didn't like

Would love if the production spent more time developing the higher concept of the show. Instead Ancient Greece simply being underscored by Patti Smith it would be nice to play with the idea of making modern rock apart of one of worlds in Cassandra, specifically the fates, since they are the supernatural beings of the rock opera and transcend time, I would think they would be the element in the rock opera that bridges the gap between Patti and Ancient Greece. The Fates even sound like a band name. There is so much to play with developing the space of “kairos” that the play often goes back to.

The blocking was waaaaaaay too static for my taste. With the exception of Cassandra really owning the stage the production missed and opportunity to layer the show with the fates and show rather than tell how they affect the human world. They often were jailed to the side of the stage and when they did take center, their movement just seemed so restrictive and unimaginative in contrast to the other exciting elements of the play. It’s unfortunate because they are on the stage the entire time. The really should be utilized more.

My overall impression

The music selections are great and the concept itself lures you in. The actors go for it!
It has soooo much potential!
Could compete with the likes Hades Town, Rock of Ages and Aida if the production really leaned into the “higher concept” it hints at.
This development version makes you so invested on how the creative team will build on it’s bones.

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