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the unknown artists · Ages 13+ · United States of America

world premiere
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June 14, 2022 theatre theater podcast
tagged as: campy · funny · nostalgic · dark

What I liked

The cast is pretty stellar. Everyone has a powerhouse voice and the harmonies add a fun layer to songs we know so well. “I Swear” “Creep” and “Bring Me To Life” were big stand out songs to me and the audience alike. The opening mash-up is a great way to intro us to the tone of the night.

What I didn't like

The casts’ voices are so powerful and the music is so quiet that I wonder if they needed mics at all.
I also felt myself wanting a more directed finish to each song. A button to give us a chance to hoot and holler. We often found ourselves wondering if the song was over or not. We were ready to cheer but didn’t always feel invited to. Besides that it was tight and well produced.

My overall impression

From legendary writer/performer PAMELA EBERHARDT comes her newest Fringe outing and it doesn’t disappoint. While not a true original musical as you may have seen before (13th Grade; Runaway Clone) this Cabaret of nostalgia still has Pam’s campy, often dark humor pulsing through the piece. A string of 90s and 00s songs tied together by a fish line of a plot about a potion that takes you back to high school. Truly just a great time listening to talented voices sing the songs of our childhood with some light absurdity thrown in for good measure.

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