Emergence: First Flight

Solo Show · jenna wadsworth mccarty · Ages 10+ · United States of America

family friendly one person show
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SIERRA MCMAHON certified reviewer June 07, 2022
A universally relatable story of confronting one’s fears - beautifully told through poetry, art and song. Everyone feels the pressure of expectations at some point in life and this show provides space to acknowledge those pressures while illustrating a hopeful path through.... full review
MARYLEE HERRMANN certified reviewer June 07, 2022
tagged as: spiritual · poetic · inspiring
Life is a journey. Jenna Wadsworth McCarty's vulnerability is beautiful as she brings us not only into her physical studio, but into the processes that she experiences in attempts to find permission to call herself an artist. Through her storytelling and as she develops her art on stage, Jenna not only describes her experience as a storyteller, we get to witness firsthand the agony, the emotional challenges, the little wins, and the big ones that go into creating. Right there in front of the audience, Jenna transforms a canvas that was once blank into something special and raw, just like parts of her story. ... full review
STEVEN KNOX certified reviewer October 26, 2022
The Artistry in this was so incredible. The storytelling. you can see the heart ... full review
AUSTIN NATION certified reviewer June 25, 2022
tagged as: artistic · soulful
What an honor it was to catch this show! Wonderful incorporation of art pieces to tell the story... full review