Terraforming Marginalized Voices

Cabaret & Variety · infinite poets · Ages 18+ · United States of America

world premiere

Hollywood Fringe Scholarship Recipient 2022
We invite you to an immersive variety show centered around poetry. Our production showcases a web of destiny involving multiple characters from various backgrounds coming together in a post-apocalyptic setting. Our poetry and storytelling craftsmanship will involve interactive and shifting elements including the audience deciding how the plot moves forward for each character. Eventually, the characters convene towards a central poetry community bringing the audience along to join this movement.

Production Team

tyler bradley *

producer, director, cast

tl forsberg *

fringe scholarship mentor

alex petunia *

producer, writer, cast, costume fun

mr. chai tea *

writer, cast

wynter eddins *

writer, cast

erica lopez *

writer, cast

julia fae *

writer, cast, prop fun

karo ska *

writer, cast

rosalilia mendoza *

writer, photographer

* Fringe Veteran