Meeting Across the River

Drama · anemoia films · Ages 17+ · United States of America

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Review by PAT DOYLE

June 26, 2022 certified reviewer
tagged as: Tarantino

What I liked

It would be easier to ask what I didn’t like – everything absolutely crushed!

What I didn't like

If they could tweak the audio on the digital stream, that would be amazing. Some of the dialogue that wasn’t in the center of the room was a little difficult to catch!

My overall impression

I was looking forward to the Hollywood Fringe so much, and I gotta say – Meeting Across the River does NOT disappoint! I had an absolute blast, and wish I had gone to see it earlier!

These 4 women put on a wonderful show that to me, really exemplifies what black-box theatre is all about. Quippy, fast-cut, Tarantino-esque dialogue punches vivid imagery into our imaginations, and these actresses do a stunning job of transforming a theatre space we’re all familiar with into a criminal get away.

I’ll stop gushing so as not to ruin the play but – Strong performances, strong script, an absolute delight. Brava!

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