Yes, No, Maybe So

Solo Show · catherine barnes · Ages 15+ · United States of America

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August 17, 2021 certified reviewer

What I liked

Catherine’s use of different voices, accents, and backgrounds to make each of the different characters come to life was extremely amusing. It was enjoyable to watch Catherine embody everyone and everything from buildings and music halls, to old bandmates, to snotty teenage boys, and of course, herself.
Starting somewhat simply and growing more complex as the show progressed, the music in the show highlighted comical moments and helped explain each of the different trials Catherine faced.
The lights in the show also helped moved the audience through different periods of the show and expressed emotions to clue the audience in on what was consensual and what was not.
All of the elements tied together made the show a unique experience.

What I didn't like

The use of the scarf was hilarious (I didn’t see where it came from and definitely thought Catherine pulled it out of this air). I was going to say more props would add another element to the show, but to be honest, the simplicity of the show is part of what makes it so excellent. The sparing use of props was perfect to add another comical element.

My overall impression

Catherine Barnes’s “Yes, No, Maybe So?” was hilarious. Performing about a complex subject (consent) while making it approachable and comical truly shows the talent and intelligence of the show’s author. Catherine took the audience on a journey of consent, the different forms and unique approaches to each situation. The show was self reflective while commenting on broader social issues all wrapped up in a comical bundle.

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