(It's Been 76 Years And We're) Still Waiting for Lefty

theatre unleashed · Ages 13+ · flashing lights · world premiere · United States of America

Theatre Unleashed returns with "Still Waiting For Lefty"

July 16, 2021

Acclaimed playwright Gregory Crafts picks up where Clifford Odets’ masterpiece “Waiting for Lefty” left off, thrusting its commentary into modern times to show how little has changed in this charged new work debuting at Hollywood Fringe.

LOS ANGELES – The idea for award-winning playwright and producer Gregory Crafts and veteran actor/director Richard Piatt may have started in 2019, but the events of the past two years––political clashes, building racial tensions, a costly pandemic, etc.––cemented that now was the perfect time to take a new look at an old classic to see just how much of it still applies generations later, and how we’re still waiting…

Theatre Unleashed proudly presents its return to the stage with (It’s Been 76 Years and We’re) Still Waiting for Lefty making its world premiere this August at studio/stage as part of the 2021 Hollywood Fringe Festival.

It’s been seventy-six years since Clifford Odets’ groundbreaking play WAITING FOR LEFTY<