Becoming a Rose

Solo Show · luciani's absolute theater · Ages 18+ · United States of America

includes nudity one person show world premiere

Bizarre sexual fantasies, dreams and illusions, the inversion of traditional moral values and transcendence through evil. A masks-off masquerade of the incantatory rituals of the theater. A liberally interpolated retrospective of yours-truly and France’s “Enfant Terrible”: Jean Genet.
Long before I knew of Jean Genet or found solace in his work, incubi and other oneiric provocateurs seduced me in my sleep, and disenthralled from my unconscious characters so beautiful they could only exist within the sacred walls of the theater.
My first declared creative communion with Genet came with the production of Charlotte; an award-winning poetic short film inspired by “The Maids” and my latest: a short run of “Deathwatch” at the Exit Theatre in San Francisco.
Becoming A Rose is a guide for redemption; a dramatized confession; a confirmation of my sacred creative union with Jean Genet – a story of resurrection through art and sexuality.

From The Artist – Please Read
This one-man-show was devised specifically for the livestream platform. This play is an original play written and performed by Guido Luciani. It is not a Jean Genet play nor an adaptation from his work. This play is about sexuality and art and, the special creative connection between the author and Jean Genet.
This play contains mature, sexually suggestive and homoerotic content and images that may be offensive to some viewers.

BECOMING A ROSE has been devised specifically for the livestream platform taking full advantage of what, I consider to be, a brand new language and my expertise as an image-maker. If you’re planning to attend/watch this theatrical experiment, here are some suggestions that will enhance your experience:
- Watch the show alone from your own computer (not a phone or small tablet)
- Headphones are highly recommended
- Make the room from where you’ll be watching dark, as to recreate a theater atmosphere
- Turn off your phone, as you would in a theater and, silence all notifications, etc. from your computer. Again … if you were in a theater you would not be attending to these notifications, messages, etc. while you were watching a play
- But … you are not in a theater but at home so … dress comfortably, relax and enjoy the show

Production Team

* Fringe Veteran