Dirty Chai

lights, karma, action! productions · Ages 13+ · United States of America

world premiere

🏆 WINNER of the HFF21 Encore Producers Award at The Actors Company!
🏆 WINNER of the The Spare Tire Award Sponsored by Flat Tire Theatre Company!
🏆 WINNER of the Fringe Abroad Award Sponsored by The Gothenburg Fringe Festival!
📀 RECIPIENT of the 2021 Hollywood Fringe Festival Artist Fund!
🏅 OFFICIAL NOMINEE: “The Freaks” Best Musical Community Award!


DIRTY CHAI, a hip hop Bollywood musical, is a colorful & crazy dramedy, full of heart!

👧🏽 Chaya Chandrika Gopi, or “Chai” as she likes to be called, is a rebellious Indian-American bride-to-be.

👨🏽 Her Indian father, Mr. Hardik Gopi, is a traditional Hindu man.

👩🏼 Her White American mother, Mrs. Rani Gopi, converted to Hinduism after falling in love.

Chai’s parents have promised her to a nice Indian boy and the wedding is in ten days. With her back against the wall, not yet ready to give in to this assault on her freedoms, Chai leaves home but unexpectedly falls in love with a charming & mysterious stranger, making a powder keg out of an already complicated situation. Chai finds forbidden love with a fearless American girl, Ronnie, and is trapped between upholding her family’s traditions or following her heart, which goes against everything she’s been taught.

Chai is a messy concoction of two very different cultures, two conflicting identities, and two opposing desires, just like the dirty chai she orders each morning- a perfect brew of espresso and chai (tea).

Filled with excitement and sarcasm, DIRTY CHAI challenges the walls of formality, fear, and judgment that separate people. Every cause has an effect in this intricately interwoven dramedy about human lives, embracing family, and the chaos of falling in love.

P.S. There will be a wedding so, “chai” not to miss it! o.O

Directed by Adam Marcus
Created by & Starring Ruchi Kishore as “Chai”
Lights, Karma, Action! Productions Presents
In Association with Skeleton Crew
Sponsored by Café Cafe Mobile Coffee
Media Sponsor Rukus Avenue
Promotional Partner Indian Film Festival of Los Angeles
Technical Director Shawna Voragen
Livestream Produced by Electric Workshop
Photography by Tina Vonn

Production Team

ruchi kishore *

creator / "chai"

jennifer dees *

"interviewer #1"

cj feldbau *

"wedding guest"

roshan mathews *

"sameer singh"

asit vyas *

"dr. hardik gopi"

debra sullivan *

"mrs. rani gopi"

tina vonn *

photography by / "interviewer #2"

julien elstob *

livestream producer

sadie noelle *

dancer / "niece"

falcon sang *

producer / music by / "barista joe"

* Fringe Veteran