Deathless and Taxless: A Corporate Exorcism

Solo Show · disincorporated · Ages 13+ · United States of America

one person show world premiere
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August 16, 2021 certified reviewer
tagged as: your mom · humor · dark · death · corporate · smart

What I liked

The show has a real academic foundation and at times feels like a grad school lecture – which is great. Ben is a skilled speaker and keeps the narrative going with plenty of insights, surprises and humor. This is a show about things, real things, the world in which we live. Yes, it’s a Zoom show so there is a limit to the technical aspects but Ben makes great use of the strange medium, using that very strangness as a tool for further exploring his subject matter.
Also, a specail shout out to Pam the Stage manager. She is instrumental in making this show work. Rock on, Pam.

What I didn't like

Uh, no pandemic so we can go to shows for realsies?

My overall impression

For those of you who witnessed THE LAST POWERPOINT (2019), you will be familiar with Ben Nicholson’s unique brand of corporate deconstruction. Ben takes the time to explain all the ways corporatism (and it’s many consequences) affect (and infect) our daily lives – so much so that a lot of what we think of as normal simply isn’t. In a time when people are flocking to escapism and the hope that we can all just get along, Ben is demonstrating how we need to solve this “corporations are people” nonsense before any true progess can be made. The man’s getting his PhD. We should listen, I think.

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