I Heart Maroc

solo show · Ages 13+ · United States of America

family friendly one person show world premiere
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August 10, 2021 certified reviewer

What I liked

I liked all of the characters Azo just so fully and dramatically embodies. The characters seem at first like these big entertaining representations of the people Maroc, that we the audience are just delighted to witness. Then as the show progresses these characters become the people we love and cherish in the same way that Azo does. Her story of her time in Maroc beautifully shared, and full of laughs and light tugs on the heart strings! I cannot recommend this show enough.

What I didn't like

Nothing this show is great just the way it is. Small compact, and full of love.

My overall impression

This show is the cutest most heartfelt show I have ever seen. It feels like a Disney movie, only with actual respect for the culture Azo dives us into! I 100 percent recommend this!

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