I Heart Maroc

solo show · Ages 13+ · United States of America

family friendly one person show world premiere
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ED WAHL certified reviewer August 15, 2021
Great play! Get pulled into an otherworldly adventure! ... full review
VERENICE ZUNIGA certified reviewer August 15, 2021
.The show was so immersive and I loved hearing about all the different experiences she had on her two-year peace corp assignment. Such an enriching show! A must-watch!... full review
LISA MILLER certified reviewer August 15, 2021
I loved Azo's one woman show. Each character came vividly alive in her performance. Her joy and enthusiasm about Morocco and its people came thru her performance. First coming to a small Moroccan village and the culture shock of poverty and language differences then the faux pas that inevitable occurred as a result of not knowing the do's and don'ts of life in an Islamic village were hilarious and endearing. Bravo, Azo! My husband, Glenn, and I really loved the experience and we felt that we really were transported to another time and country. ... full review
JOSEPINA SBROCCA certified reviewer August 15, 2021
Delightful show. A variety of characters. I love the story threads. String characters. Vibrant Narrator. Memoirs Travel. Letting us view another country and her experiences. Great humor and playfulness and truth. ... full review
CATHERINE BARNES certified reviewer August 13, 2021
Moving, beautiful, well-written and VERY well performed...if you've ever lived outside of the U.S., this show will touch your heart. Get ready to laugh, and maybe bring a few kleenex just to be safe.... full review
ANONYMOUS certified reviewer August 12, 2021
Azo is a fabulous actress! She takes us to Maroc and back, dropping pebbles along the way for us to follow her adventures. Her show is inspirational, heartwarming and enjoyable.... full review
KEVIN NEIGHBORS certified reviewer August 10, 2021
This show is the cutest most heartfelt show I have ever seen. It feels like a Disney movie, only with actual respect for the culture Azo dives us into! I 100 percent recommend this!... full review
CHARLENE WARD certified reviewer August 07, 2021
The subject matter was so interesting to me! Azo created a beautiful tapestry of characters with her writing. There were moments where I was rolling with laughter and spots where I got a little misty eyed. Acting and direction were fantastic! ... full review
LINDY FRANKLIN certified reviewer August 07, 2021
tagged as: poignant · funny
An upbeat and beautiful collection of memories told with fondness, humor and love.... full review
DAVID AXTELL certified reviewer August 07, 2021
I felt that it represented well many aspects of the PC experience. There were some problems, mostly due to the theatrical presentation. ... full review