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one person show
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June 10, 2023 certified reviewer

What I liked

Actor Meredith Barko brings just the right blend of wit and pathos to keep us drawn in. The production design is simple and effective. The relentless use of deep crimson kept me on edge and continually reminded me of the stakes.

What I didn't like

There were some (please excuse the uninteded pun) “pregnant” pauses that could be tightened up. In some cases perhaps the actor needed more material to fill space during transitions (donning wardrobe, setting props, etc.). At other times it was just confusing; was the stillness there for dramatic purposes, or was the actor just waiting on a sound/light cue? I wasn’t ever sure.

I felt the ending moment fell a little flat, and could use more punch to help it land. It could use a more dynamic buildup (could be as simple as employing a final sound/light effect).

All in all, I was very glad I attended—and I cannot always say that when it comes to LA Theater.

My overall impression

This One-Actor piece touches on a very real and often terrifying state of healthcare in the United States when it comes to childbirth. Storyteller Olivia May, and Writer/Director Jessica Lauren Richmond have done an excellent job with an uncomfortable subject here—so much so that it was over before I knew it; I wanted more. This piece begs to be expanded.

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